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  Immigration to Canada:
Admission to Canada is governed by the Canadian rules and regulations interpreted by the Visa Officers, who, by law, are the only persons authorized to issue visas to persons aspiring to live/or work in Canada.
  Immigration rules and regulations also require a person to make a choice out of three main categories to apply for immigration. The correct choice of class and careful preparation of documents in concurrence with the current occupational demand determined by the Canadian Government often makes a difference between success and failure.  
The three categories under which one can apply for immigration are:

Independent class ( Skilled persons)
Business Immigrants
Family Class


Who may apply as an independent immigrant ?

A person with special occupational skills and experience may qualify as an independent immigrant. These skills must be readily transferable to the Canadian labor market.
This is the category under which a large number of eligible persons apply

What are the basic requirements for immigrant visa ?

The applicant and his/her dependents must meet the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations, fulfilling the following:

Good health
Abide by Laws
Not be a risk to the society of Canada
Possess valid passport/ travel documents
Adequate money to support himself/herself and dependents in Canada till the applicant becomes self- supporting.
Produce all documents to establish admissibility
Pay the processing fee and the right of landing fee.
Why do you need professional services of an Immigration Consultant ?

Applicants for permanent residence are assessed on many varied criteria. Canada employs a complex system to select those applicants who will be accepted for permanent residence. You must earn 67 out of a possible 100 points to qualify for permanent residence.

The evaluation process for determining an applicant's eligibility is quite complex. The visa application process for permanent residence is not simple and straightforward. The Department of Employment and Immigration has many policies, rules and procedures that change frequently. Failure to properly evaluate the applicant's eligibility and/or failure to complete all the necessary forms accurately and to provide all the necessary supporting documentation and information can result in delays and potentially rejection of these applications.

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An experienced consultant possessing current knowledge of the procedures and regulations can properly serve the interest of his clients and ensure successful processing of the application leading to the client, securing immigration visa for the client and the client's dependents.


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